The Turning Point (Job 16-20)

Poor Job, this man is still going through it well into the 20th chapter, and there isn’t much more his friends have done to comfort him. There are, however, signs of life in Job and his situations up until this point though. For example, in 17:10 Job said “The desires of my heart turn night into day; in the face of darkness, light is near.” This is virtually the first time Job has started with darkness, and ended with light; in all of his other metaphors, it was the other way around. He also challenges his friends in the verse before saying “…come on, all of you, try again! I will not find a wise man among you.” Yes this is more of an anger-fueled challenge, but God can use all of our states of being, even the angry one, to glorify Him and to help us. Job is showing a great deal of stubbornness here, refusing to stop arguing with his friends, but to me, that’s the best thing he could be doing right now, because at least there is a dialogue, at least he’s around other people, communicating. The enemy would much rather have Job in isolation rather than arguing with his friends over why exactly God has decided to curse him. The greatest weapon the enemy has is ourselves. He uses our own thoughts and insecurities against us, allowing us to destroy ourselves one insult, one doubt, one failure at a time. Many people think that conflict is the enemy, but I beg to differ. Many times, God is in the conflict, and dare I say it, the source of the conflict. In this book, the enemy has only done what God has allowed him to do, so essentially, this conflict has come from God. Now it’s easy for us to say that Job should have more faith and have a spirit of gratitude, but we know the ending, we can read ahead, he is LIVING it. Whenever we face conflicts or adversity, we are so quick to assume it’s the enemy, when in reality, it may be God trying to guide us and shape us to become something so much greater than we could ever imagine. His ways and thoughts are higher than our ways and thoughts and for us to try to understand it is just futile. Yes Job is fighting with all of his friends, and with God, and his wife – but at least. He’s. Fighting. The most devastating thing for him right now would be to give up and lay down and die, but instead he’s thrashing like a sail in the middle of a hurricane, and he’s hanging on for dear life, refusing to let go, and it looks like he’s about to turn a corner. The only power the enemy has over us is the power we give him. Our circumstances can change, our bodies can crumble, and our lives can shatter, but if we choose to glorify God through all of it, trusting in Him, then the enemy can’t touch us. Now this doesn’t mean we can’t have emotions, or show anger and sadness, but it does mean that we can’t give up, ever. We have to face the enemy, hands shaking, tears in our eyes, ready to fight.

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