Flaming Foxes and Haircuts

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

The story of Samson is one of the all-time most relatable stories for me, as someone who has made many bad decisions in direct opposition of God. I think Samson really gets a bad rap though, because he was manipulated so many times. Yes I know what you’re thinking, “He should’ve learned his lesson a long time ago, maybe when his wife ditched him for his friend at their own wedding,” but honestly ask yourself if you’ve ever done the same dumb thing more than once. I guarantee that answer would be a resounding yes. The story of Samson is in Judges 13-16, from his miracle birth, to his epic death. Samson definitely has one of the most epic bible deaths, but we’ll get to that in a moment. First I’d like to talk about all of Samson’s dumb decisions and how God was still able to use him for his original purpose. Samson made a LOT of dumb decisions, here’s a few: marrying a Philistine woman, killing 30 people because his wife told the guys he bet the answer to his riddle, sleeping with a prostitute, unleashing 1,000 flaming foxes on the fields of the Philistines (I still want to know how he was able to catch all of them – also what is the fox population like in this country they must be out of control), and marrying ANOTHER woman and telling her the secret to his power. Now despite all of this, Samson was still able to fulfill his original purpose of defeating the Philistines. He went in direct opposition of God multiple times, and God was still able to use Samson’s misplaced motivation and vengeance-seeking behavior to defeat the Philistines. It was actually BECAUSE of his dumb choices that he was able to do this. I wonder how many of us disqualify ourselves because we think we’ve made too many dumb decisions for God to be able to use us. All of his decisions led him to the path of getting tricked by his wife, getting his hair shaved off, getting his eyes gouged out and put in prison, then finally to his EPIC death, where he killed more in death than in life. He quite literally brought the house down with his performance and killed 3,000 Philistines by going Super Samson one more time and destroying their entire city like a rated-R (blood, gore, death, some sexually suggestive material) Hercules. Many people might point to Samson as a story of what not to do: imagine what he could’ve been if he would have just listened to God. I see it as a story of God’s redemptive and loving nature where he was able to use someone who didn’t look the part, but was playing it the whole time.

If you want to watch an awesome sermon about this story, click here!

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